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One of My Obstacles–Abortion

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     One reason that I took so long in making the move from theRepublican Party to the Libertarian Party is that I have been ardently pro-life most of my life.  From the moment that I saw pictures of a developing human fetus at age ten, I knew that abortion was a terrible thing to do.  What I saw in the pictures was not a blob, but a tiny human being with eye spots, arms, and legs. 

     Mind you, I was not a Christian.  I had not been told that aboriton is condemned by God or that the Bible implicitly teaches that it is morally wrong.  I simply knew, intutitvely, that it was wrong to take the life of a tiny human nestled snugly in his or her mother’s womb.

     That’s right, his or her–not its.  From the moment of conception, the child is either a him or her, depending on whether it inherited the special Y chromosome or the special X chromosome from the father.  The zygote has all 46 chromosomes that determine everything the child will become–at least naturally speaking.  It is what you once were.  You are what he or she will become, unless natural causes or human will destoys the little thing.

     I had a stomach and a conscience.  That is why I opposed abortion even before I cast it in terms of sin.

     The Libertarian Party is pro-choice, which seems on the surface to be consistent with libertarian thinking.  In general libertarianism is about freedom and a minimal amount of intrusion by government authorities.  However. . .

    I have always thought that abortion is contrary to libertarian principles, since it infringes on the right to life of the fetus.  It is also the abnegating of responsibility by the parents.  The father, especially, gets to abnegate his responsibility thanks to abortion.  Who could be a more “deadbeat dad” than the man who pays a young woman to “get rid of it”?

     Lo and behold, there are other people who agree with me.  I discovered the Libertarians for Life website, which is listed in my blogroll.  There I found some of my ideas, and others besides, expressed and explained. 

     Although I remain pro-life, I cannot in good conscience support the Republican Party.  After all, what have the Republicans actually done to stop abortion?  Although I think that protecting human life is more important than any other political issue, I think that an economic climate of freedom is also very important for the welfare of babies.  In fact, more economic freedom could mean that fewer women feel compelled to abort their babies because of financial hardship.

     I will still do what I can to end abortion in America.  I will also work to persuade other Libertarians to become pro-life and to persuade other pro-lifers to become Libertarians.  In the meantime, I am at peace about joining a party that is largely pro-choice.  I have been in the minority as a Republican, and now I will be in the minority as a Libertarian.


Written by ambrosianideas

October 2, 2009 at 12:32 pm

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  1. Of course, the Republican party has done little to change the legality of abortion. They pay lip service to it when they are not in power, but do nothing particularly useful about it when they have the chance.

    I still hear Christians say “We need a Republican president to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court so that they can overturn Roe v Wade.” Forget that, it isn’t going to happen. It didn’t happen under Ford, Reagan, George I, or George II. It really isn’t going to happen.

    There are also many pro-life libertarians, including me.


    October 4, 2009 at 7:43 pm

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