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The Tea Party and Me

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     I’m a little annoyed with the Tea Party movement.  I want to know where these people have been?  I have been in the mood that they are in for 20 years and feeling like a lone voice.  Do they think that the downfall of our country started when President Obama was elected?  If so, they were either ignorant or self-deluded.

     I’m glad that they have awoken.  I am glad that they are challenging the status quo.  However, I think that they are going about it all wrong.

     If their convention, which was not accepted by all Tea Party folks, is any indication, they plan to simply endorse Republican candidates.  They hope to reform the Republican Party, apparently.  That’s absurd.  The Republican Party has been in a moral decline since the beginning of Ronald Reagan’s second term.  Gradually, steadily, they have devolved to a slightly more restrained verions of the Democratic Party.  If the Democratic Party is socialist, and it is, the Republican Party is socialist-lite. 

     The GOP has had plenty of time to shape up.  There was a glimmer of hope in 1994 when the voters sent a clear message to President Clinton and the Democrats in the mid-term elections.  But that is the problem.  The Contract With America came to nothing.  Each little glimmer of hope is extinguished by the Republican wheelers and dealers who are all about money and power rather than conservative ideals.

     There is already a political party that espouses most of the views of the Tea Parties I have heard and read about–the Libertatian Party.  Rather than continuing to endorse the lighter branch of the Democratic Party, the Tea Partiers should switch to the party of true  freedom and human rights.  Why take the hard and frustrating path of reforming a party that will only give lipservice to being reformed, when you can take the easier path of joining an existing party that you can heartily endorse?

     We don’t need one more tiny party with no power and no real voice, especially not one as splintered as the Tea Party.  We definietly don’t need cheerleaders for the Republican Party to hold pep rallies and get people to vote for candidates with an elephant rather than a donkey on their campaign borchures.  What we need is to say “Enough” to both the R’s and the D’s and hit them where it hurts.  Take away their power, take away their money.  Then, and only then, might they listen.


Written by ambrosianideas

February 16, 2010 at 8:11 am