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     For most of my life I have been a conservative and a Republican.  I have been a very active Republican, too.  I have worked on campaigns for candidates, have been a delegate to county and state conventions, and have served as a precinct chairman.

     Now I am a libertarian.  I always had libertarian leanings, but I did not have the political courage to join the Libertarian Party or vote for Libertarian candidates.  I bought the line that I would be wasting my vote.  However, I cannot continue to vote for Republicans who spend slightly less than Democrats or who promote social programs that give everybody a tiny little piece of the pie.  In fact, I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, because both parties operate on the principle that there is one big pie, and everybody can get only one piece of it.

     I want you to be free to make my own pie, and I want to be free to make mine.  If you can make yours bigger than mine, I will refrain from trying to grab a piece of it for myself.  If I can make mine bigger than yours, I ask you to refrain from trying to grab a piece of it for yourself.  I will share with people in need, but I would rather not have people grabbing up pieces of my pie.  Go ahead and make your own.  Make it as big as you want and as big as you are able.


Written by ambrosianideas

October 1, 2009 at 12:03 pm

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