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How to Create Jobs and Stimulate the Economy

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     To create jobs, you should first start a business.  

     Next, employ people to work in your business.  You might want to hire somebody to keep your books, somebody to run your office, a personal assistant, and some workers to produce the goods or provide the service that your business offers.

     Voila!  You have created jobs.  Real jobs.  The kind of jobs that fuel the economy and that are not just impressive-sounding titles in a government office that are financed by people with real jobs.

     Your workers are suppoting the government through the taxes that they pay on real money earned through producing something.  They are stimulating the economy by spending, investing and saving the real money that they are earning in producing something.  They are not just recycling money through the big-government, magic-money machine.  (In case you don’t realize it, there is no such thing.  It’s a liberal fantasy.)

     Furthermore, your employees are earning money rather than staying home and having money handed out to them after it is confiscated from those who are earning money.  Which means that they are not being a drain on public money.  They are stimulating the economy instead of stifling it.

     Any government body that wants to create jobs and stimulate the economy–sincerely wants to do so–will make it easy for you to start your business and to hire people.  It will keep your taxes low, will impose as few regulations as are absolutely necessary, will not give unfair advantages to your competitors, and will preserve a strong dollar by not printing money as though that’s all there is to producing money.   (Your parents taught you that it doesn’t grow on trees, right?)

     It’s really simple, so simple that millions of people miss it.  Too bad!  Too bad for all of us.


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December 5, 2009 at 1:49 pm

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